Kickstarter Flexible Bike Lock

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Here’s news a of a nice looking, flexible bike lock that the inventor claims is not only super flexible and lighter than any D-lock but is also just as secure and strong. It’s a Kickstarter project that is looking for £20,000 of backing although it’s already exceeded that by £8000 so far.


The lock is(will) be made from something called Boaflexicore®, the makeup of which is not mentioned in the Kickstarter blurb apart from describing it as a composite material that can resist cutting.

“Litelok® is so strong it can withstand sustained attack from all of the tools commonly used by bike thieves such as cable cutters, bolt croppers, hacksaws, jacks and hammers. This is due to the composite nature of the Boaflexicore® strap and virtually indestructible hardened steel alloy lock housing. The strap includes multiple innovative lightweight materials, each of which provides a different and additional layer of security against the various tools and the lock cylinder and mechanism is well protected by the innovative lock casing design.”

The Kickstarter backing deals offer a lock for £70 and you get a choice of three colours.


The inline locking mechanism can be used to join two locks together to make an extra long super lock, which we think is a pretty neat idea.

It looks good to us, but of course the proof will come in the hacking, cutting and sawing.

The Kickstarter page is here.

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  1. Looks interesting. I wonder how resistant it is to heat?

  2. Looks like it locks without a key …… time for a few “Doh!” moments?

  3. 29″ circumference – so not designed to be worn as a belt then ?

  4. Seems they have missed a massive trick – my immediate assumption was it had been designed to carry round your waist, belt styleee, but it seems to short for that at 29″.

  5. Great minds think alike 🙂

  6. Does it work without even being looped around the bike, looks like it from that photo, is that Charge bike even locked up?

  7. ^ it looks to be locked to the seat tube of the bike behind the Charge.

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