Where are you? Here I Am!

March 5, 2015

While the majority of our site readers use iPhones, there are huge numbers of folks on here who use Android. If you’re one of those people then listen up, because this is for you…

Singletrack member Mackem – AKA Mark Sheekey – has announced something really rather nifty. Here I Am Free is his first app build, and it’s a tool designed to let someone (him or her indoors, for example) know where you are.

We heartily approve of the Big Red Button.

It does this by sending them an SMS message from your device when you pass through a pre-determined point. It can also let them know that you’re 10 minutes (or any other time period of your choosing) away from your destination. It’s a pretty neat idea, and one which – unsurprisingly – the Singletrack forum users have been quick to come up with ‘alternative’ uses for…

iamhere2 iamhere1 iamhere3

Very droll 🙂

Mark aims to improve the app over time, with the ability to send emails as well as SMS, self-alerts, increased GPS resolution and other enhancements. Our resident Android user has checked out Here I Am Free, and given it his thumbs up – so let us (and Mackem) know what you reckon via the forum thread. We’re very keen to see how this one does; it seems like a great idea!

Here I Am Free on Google Play

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