Tuesday Treats 126: Flare Rider Co.

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This week, we introduce Flare Rider Co.

The New Year brings another product launch, this time hot on the heels of the successful establishment of Flare Clothing Co. Hannah Myers and team branch out with this gents focussed range for MTBers labelled Flare Rider Co.

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Happy New Year Hannah. What’s happening?

For starters, 2015 will see us kick off Flare Rider Co. It’s almost a year from us launching Flare Clothing Co. into the UK market which readers will remember saw us introduce our female focussed riding gear, taking inspiration from the men’s products, graphics and styles.

What was the main driver for developing a men’s range?

More and more male riders have asked me ‘Are these pink shorts only for women?’ or ‘ … when will Flare make products for us?’ The timing seemed perfectly right for us to call upon friend (and handy Masters rider) Ben Skinner-Watts to step up and help us launch Flare Rider Co.


What is the design focus?

Flare Rider Co. designs clothing driven by our own riding experience, blended with fashion trend forecasting that we then proudly make in the UK. We strive to offer something that guys want to wear racing, for riding local trails, on riding adventures, dig days, or for looking great in the pub when you’re trying out these new hoppy microbrews!

What’s available now?

At the moment we have a range of signature technical t-shirts and hoodies available online which give you an indication of where we are heading with the Flare Rider Co. brand. Our technical t-shirts are made from 100% recycled materials, and while they feel like soft organic cotton they also contain polyester to wick moisture away.

We will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign for people to pre-order technical clothing (with a discount thrown in of course), which will be delivered this Spring. This collection will comprise both DH and Enduro options in jerseys and shorts.


We would love readers to stay in touch with developments on our Twitter and Facebook pages. We’re really keen to get the message across that all of the riding kit will be made in the UK, in the same factories and to the same high quality as our women’s range. If you like your British clothing made for British conditions and want to support local manufacturing, give us a follow.

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Our exclusive subscriber offer is ‘20% off the Flare Rider Co. 2015 range’.

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