Brant bounces back with Pact Bikes

October 13, 2014

Having left Planet X and On One ,we’ve been waiting to see where Brant Richards would pop up next in the bike business and now all has been revealed.

Today sees the launch of Pact Bikes, a company which claims it will build bikes to meet riders needs/briefs/ideas.

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As they say on their so far minimalist website:

We’re wanting to make great bikes with great people, and we’d love you to be involved, either by coming up with a great bike, saying you’d be interested in buying one of the great bikes that someone’s made with us, or saying “no, that looks daft”.

But when we asked Brant if this would be similar to the Internet Community Bike project he replied: “That’s design by committee which I’ve never been a fan of. This is design by a rider for other riders” – “We come up with the design together”.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this one turns out. In the meantime here’s the Pact Bikes pitch…

“Do you have a bike in your head that nobody makes? Does your mate? Do you want to see what other people dream of?

Sure you do.

We want to work with people who have great ideas, to get those ideas to happen.

So you can pitch your ideas to us. If we like them, we’ll throw them out there and see what everyone thinks.

And the best ones, we’ll make. And if we make a bike with you, we’ll sell it to you at an incredible price, and then for every one we sell, we’ll give you a slice of the action – yes – we’ll pay you a royalty on every one.”

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