Interbike 2014: Somerville Shredder leather shoes

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Classic look, mountain performance, and a hi-viz twist…

Good looks for looking good
Good looks for looking good

A side project for New York-based Somerville Sports, the new Shredder is a classy looking perforated-leather, lace-up mountain shoe.  A little fragile for proper trail use (the unprotected uppers would take a beating), the knobbly shoes are said to be extremely comfortable and suited for less-rad trail, gravel, or touring use.

My God--it's full of stars!
My God–it’s full of stars!

Beyond looking good and forming themselves to the rider’s foot, the nylon-soled shoes have a reflective layer under the leather.  While it probably doesn’t do much for breathability, it does make the black shoes really pop with headlights (or a camera flash) are aimed in their direction.  $180 (£111) soon from

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