Absoluteblack Black Diamond hubs – a sneak peak!

August 20, 2014

Woburn-based Absoluteblack have sent us a quick look-see of their new, very tidy looking, Black Diamond hubs which are officially launching at Eurobike 2014:

Absoluteblack hub rear Absolute Black hub front

They’ve teamed up with a mystery partner, who is producing the rear magnetic star-ratchet freewheel. In the words of the press release:

“The system contains two rare earth, circular magnets, one in the hub body and one attached to the moving star ratchet. The magnets repel each other, forcing the ratchets together; there is only one moving part. All the ratchet components are made out of special grade, hardened stainless steel. This ratchet design can tolerate mud, dirt and other contaminants without loss of its performance.”

Sounds tasty.

A shot of the mystery ratchet
A  mystery ratchet, and some nice fat bearings

In addition, the hubs come with large 17x30x7mm low friction bearings (four in the rear and two in the front), a stainless steel freehub, an external bearing preload feature, lots of seals and easy servicing. They’re designed for “trail and aggressive Enduro” (it says here). They certainly look pretty.

The front hub weighs 138g and comes in at £128, and the rear hub weighs 268g and costs £285 – so aiming at the slightly more chi-chi end of the market.

More details at Eurobike 2014!

Absoluteblack’s website is here (but there are no details of the hubs up yet).


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