T-Bolt narrow-wide ‘rings with mud-shedding design

July 15, 2014

Chain-hugging chainrings from a muddy place

We should start calling them blades too
We should start calling them blades too

Carved from solid aluminum in Denmark, T-Bolt’s new narrow-wide chainrings are the first we’ve seen since SRAM’s X-Glide make claims about their mud shedding capability.  Seen (by T-Bolt) as narrow-wide rings’ biggest problem, some aftermarket narrow-wide designs can pack mud beneath the teeth, making for rough running an increasing the liklihood of a thrown chain.  To address this issue, T-Bolt’s wide teeth are specifically designed to move much and gunk away from the chain, improving retention in poor weather.

Shiny shiny, shiny bits of metal...
Shiny shiny,
shiny bits of metal…

Available in both GXP (SRAM) direct-mount and standard 104bcd fitments, the NarrowWide Blades are CNC machined from 7075 aluminium and anodised for aesthetics and (some) added durability.  Given the look of the shiny in-process pieces and the way that anything intended for mud use wears, it’s hard not to hope for a raw option.

Denmark apparently has mud too.
Denmark apparently has mud too.

Both models are available now in 32, 34, and 36 tooth counts.  Pricing runs Dkk 600 (£64/$110) for the spiderless GXP, Dkk 500 (£53/$91) for the 104BCD.


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