Renthal release downhill approved Fatbar Carbon

July 21, 2014

Renthal’s new Fatbar Carbon is its new downhill-approved carbon handlebar.
Coming in at 780mm, and marked down to 680mm for trimming, the bar will cost £134.99 and should be in the shops about… now.
Fat and now phat
Fat and now phat
Although Renthal’s testing has shown that its existing Fatbar Lite Carbon is up to the stresses of downhill riding, Renthal knows that downhill bars get more of a battering than just riding over rocks. Twin crown downhill forks don’t allow the bars to spin out of the way of impacts, and so in crashes, downhill bars tend to get dragged along the ground a lot more. They also tend to land from a great height a lot more too. So Renthal’s carbon downhill bar is designed with a nod to those extra stresses.
Embrace the width
Embrace the width
The bar will come in four rise options – 10mm, 20mm, 30mm and 40mm.
Our sample 10mm rise bars come in at 229g on our postal scales.

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