Making the most of the summer

July 28, 2014

The inbuilt thing about being British is that we’re always suspicious of good weather. Especially the more north or west you seem to be. It’s as if we’re expecting a week of good weather to always be followed by two weeks of bad, rather than just expecting more good weather – which is what you’d do if you were Californian.

Does it get much better?

So when we do get good weather, it almost seems greedy to go out and ride as much as possible because we wonder what the catch is. However, we also know that it might not get this good again for a while. Although planning summer things can be a bit of a lottery when the weather can shift from one week to another.

The bracken’s grown since we last rode here, making familiar tracks foreign-looking

Luckily, a trip to the Lakes, planned back in May some time followed through this weekend with fantastic weather. We stayed in Seathwaite (the southernmost one of the two places with the same name in the Lakes, neither of which are that near the sea) and we rode Walna Scar Road. Taking the recent Singletrack magazine Classic Ride as inspiration, we started in Seathwaite, rather than Torver, but followed much the same route. It did mean that we started the day with a 90 minute push, but it did mean we ended it with a fantastic descent back down to the pub.

Heading back to the pub!

Long live good weather! What did you get up to, then?

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