Brighton Big Dog woos Fat Cats

by Barney Marsh 5

The much celebrated Brighton Big Dog 6-hour MTB race, held this year on 16th August, is getting all friendly with our flab-festooned furry feline friends – it has launched a new Fat Cat fatbike category, in association with Singular Cycles.

Big Dog Fat Cat
Rejoice in the hefty thrub of fat rubber

The category at the Stanmer Park event is open to pairs of riders (if you’ve only got one fatbike between you you can share, if you like), and the emphasis is very much on fun.

Says Singular Sam: “The Big Dog Fat Cat will be open to pairs of riders (of whatever age, sex or political persuasion) on board bikes shod with at least three inches of rubber.

“The fantastic trails of Stanmer Park and amazing vibe make this race one of the most fun events on the XC calendar. The addition of the Fat Cat is bound to inject further fun and frivolity for fat fetishists.”

Triumphant Fat Cat couples will receive one new Singular Puffin frame between them, and there are a host of other prizes from Singular. For more details or to register for this or any other category, click here.


Comments (5)

  1. I’ve been riding my Puffin around Stanmer for the past couple of weeks.

    It’s fun and fast – brilliant combination.

  2. But it’s only for pairs 🙁
    Where are soloist fat bikers?

  3. Big Dog is only a small operation and this is the first time they’ve done a fat specific cat. So this is just an experiment to see how it goes. I’m sure if you want to enter the cat solo you can 🙂

  4. I’m just bitter as the year I did it as a trio was a mudfest so only got to do the one lap. My fitness this year isn’t up to 6 hours worth.
    Any idea how many entrants they’ve had so far?

  5. Hi Riddoch, thanks for your interest. I think that we have 3 or 4 Fat Cat entrants so far and this will increase now that we have the category and are pushing it.
    I wouldn’t expect it to grow massively as we manage the number of riders on the course at any point in time to make sure that you all have a great experience.
    Alternatively, you could pay for individual Onederdog laps on the day, up to you how many you do on any bike you choose. This will give you some flexibility if it hoons it down too.

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