Three-cog cassette extender from Absolute Black

May 1, 2014

Broaden range and save weight with British design..

What's blacker than black?
What’s blacker than black?

With an ever-growing number of cassette range extenders to choose from, it takes something special to stand out.  And something special is just what Absolute Black is offering with this beautifully-machined 4-cog piece.  Designed in England and CNC’d in Poland, the Cassette Adapter 28-40 allows for a range on par with Shimano’s forthcoming XTR group (11-40t), reduced jumps when compared to single-cog extenders, and a weight savings of up to 100g.

Looks shifty...
Looks shifty…

Weighing 50g less than the parts it typically replaces, the Cassette Adapter picks up after a standard 10s 11-34 or 11-36t cassette’s 24, replacing the top three cogs.  Depending on the desired range, one then leaves off the standard cassette’s 11t or 17t cogs.  This makes for 13-40 (308%) or 11-40 (364%) options.  Granted, the former is actually less range than that provided by an 11-34- but Absolute Black pitch the arrangement for anyone looking for lower gears without resorting to a teensy chainring.  The 11-40 makes for a useful broadening over a standard 11-36 (327%), but – as all extenders do – falls a bit short of XX1/Xo1’s 10-42 (420%).

cassette_adapter_ab1Where most cassette extenders add 50g, Absolute Black’s removes that much weight- for a 100g weight saving over the hypothetical alternative.  Given the extra design and manufacturing work required by the 4-cog design and its European manufacture, Absolute Black’s £88/$122/€105 ask seems reasonable.  The 13-40t configuration requires a special lockring which will be provided free to the first 400 purchasers and available separately after that.

Making lockrings desirable
Making lockrings desirable

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