Yeti Cycles Factory Visit: Heritage in Golden

by Dave Anderson 3

Passing Golden, Colorado on I-70 on our way from Colorado Springs to Moab it seemed rude not to call in on Yeti. Based  previously in Durango, Yeti are now nestled in between five doorstep riding trailheads giving plenty of options for “product testing” or the lunch ride as it’s also known.

Understated entrance
Understated entrance

Tucked away in an understated building the little logo’d exterior doesn’t give away the wealth of heritage, innovation and activity that’s going on inside. From Johnny T’s C-26 to Jared Grave’s World Champ winning 4x frame, what greets you as you enter is a Yeti Tribe members dream collection of the old and current bike range.

A guard dog?
Definitely  not a guard dog

But there’s more here than just a showroom, here’s our photo essay showing you what goes on at Yeti Cycle HQ…

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Ready to go for the 2014 race season

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  1. Is that a new aluminium hard tail on the jig? Looks a lot like an ARC; loop stays, the lot…

  2. That milling machine looks like Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet!

  3. The spanner monkeys are obviously getting paid well, SnapOn Boxes abound in the 2nd last pic. Not even the best paid Master Tech in a franchised garage has as much as that!

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