Spy releases glasses to make everyone happy

April 16, 2014

At least that’s the plan…

Happy, make you happy baby.
Happy, make you happy baby.

Can new glasses make you happy?

Spy thinks so, at least when fitted with the company’s new Happy Lens technology. Said to allow in more serotonin-triggering long-wave blue light than standard lenses while filtering out more of the serotonin-discouraging short-wavelength blues, Spy’s claims are certainly novel. The theory is that bonus serotonin makes the wearer more inclined, chemically, toward happiness, an effect that continues as the chemical is metabolized. The lenses are also designed to reduce eye strain and fatigue while enhancing contrast to allow the eyes to better follow varying terrain (trails, for example).

Don’t agree?  At least in the US, Happy-lensed glasses can be returned within fourteen days for a full refund.

Our quick peer through the lenses didn’t make have any immediate mood-lifting effects, but the rose tint hiding behind that blue mirror was pleasant and did make the green hills of Monterrey pop nicely.  If nothing else, the smiling face etched into Happy lenses is a pleasant change from more aggressive eyewear branding.

Screw being Happy!
Screw being Happy!

The Screw – available with Happy lenses – is Spy’s performance flagship. The half-frame design allows for easy lens exchanges and those lenses are hydrophobic, oleophobic, and scratch-resistant (afraid of water, oil, and resistant to scratches) to keep vision clear. Hytrel pads keep the Screw stuck to the face and temple-mounted air scoops reduce lens fogging.

Top-loading lenses
Top-loading lenses

With more of a casual/enduro (sorry) look, the Cutter is notable for its separable frame and top-loading lenses.  The all-white ship with standard lenses, while a black/white version ships Happy.

If that's not Daft, we're not sure what it is.
If that’s not Daft, we’re not sure what it is.

The Daft is an outsized shield-type design.  Sadly, it’s not possible to be both Daft and Happy at the moment.

Reason enough to take up enduro racing
Reason enough to take up enduro racing

The Omen MX is just too awesome not to share- especially in the powder blue Happy version.

Aren’t you glad you saw that?



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