Sea Otter: E*Thirteen’s revised bottom bracket

April 23, 2014

Better supplier, more consistent bearings…

Better seals for longer life
Better seals for longer life

As much as we like E*Thirteen’s cranksets in their geared (reviewed in issue 88) and narrow/wide (watch this space) configurations , we have had some issues with the accompanying bottom bracket’s bearing life.  It’s not that they stop spinning- but previous iterations have gone dry rather quickly.  It’s an issue that the company is aware of and has been open about.  Their previous bearing supplier was capable of making some very good bearings… and an unacceptable number of duds.

From July, all E*Thirteen cranksets will be shipping with bearings from a new manufacturer.  The updated versions have better seals and add a centre sleeve to keep moisture inside of the frame from working its way into the balls.  They look… like external bottom brackets for 30mm spindles.

Acknowledging an issue- and fixing it.
Erm… another view.

E*Thirteen deserves credit for being open about their issues and for offering a full-year no-questions-asked bearing replacement policy.  They admit to “dropping the ball” when it comes to their bottom brackets and are working hard to ensure that things run smoothly for existing and future customers.

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