Don’t use that old map!

April 2, 2014

Ordnance Survey offering old map exchange scheme…

Your outfit may be from the '70s- but your map shouldn't be.
Your outfit may be from the ’70s- but your map shouldn’t be.

What sort of adventure doesn’t require a decent map?  Here at Singletrack, we’re clearly fond of poring over maps, sizing up contour lines and tracing the squiggly tracks of possibility.  What if we went hereAs much fun as it is to head off into the unknown, we’ve also been led astray by incorrect or out of date maps, resulting in frustrated mates, missed dinners, and unlit descents down strange bridleways.

If your maps look like these, they're probably wrong.
If your maps look like these, they’re probably wrong.

To help keep our adventures from becoming misadventures, Ordnance Survey has launched a scheme providing credit toward up-to-date maps in exchange for older versions.  It’s said that the organisation makes 10,000 changes to their mapping databases every day– as the country grows and changes so too does its geography.  The older your maps are, the likelier they are to lead you astray.  Redeemable at the OS online store, credits are as follows:

  • 1 Ordnance Survey map = £2.00 voucher
  • 2 Ordnance Survey maps = £3.50 voucher
  • 3 Ordnance Survey maps = £5.00 voucher
  • 10 to 19 Ordnance Survey maps = £10.00 voucher
  • More than 20 Ordnance Survey maps = £20.00 voucher

To date, over 3,000 maps have been exchanged.  The OS is planning to use returned maps to “help teach navigation skills to young people,” which should be interesting with outdated information.  Your suggestions for reuse are also welcomed.  Full details on the scheme, which runs through April 30, are at

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