Panasonic introduces first 4K wearable camera

by Marc Basiliere 4

Intriguing form factor may be an advantage…

Announced today, Panasonic’s HX-A500 is being called “the world’s first 4K 25p wearable camcorder,” offering a noticeable frame rate bump over currently available action/sports cameras (four times the resolution of plain ol’ HD).  A departure from the more commonly seen ‘bullet’ or ‘box’ form factors, the separate lens piece actually makes more sense the more that we think about it.  Low-profile and weighing only 31g, the remote lens seems less likely to overwhelm helmet retention systems than heavier one-piece units or to get snagged on overhanging branches.  And – as anyone who has reviewed their rad run only to find a screen filled with sky or front wheel knows – the ability to see what the lens sees in real time can be a huge boon.

Let's just take a video of the camera...
What other camera can take pictures of itself?

Further increasing the camera’s mountain bike appeal are an IPX8 waterproof rating (3m for 30minutes) and “loop recording,” which we take to mean that video is taken on a rolling basis and saved only when something neat happens.  Even better, the image is self-leveling and auto-stabilising, saving us (and our audiences) from tilted, jiggly Facebook posts.  The cable looks to be plenty long to stash the 119g base unit in the included armband or a hydration pack.

Orange, please, lest it be lost in the bushes.
Orange, please, lest it be lost in the bushes.

Available from May, the HX-A500 will be priced at £380.

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  1. Just in time for the… er… pros.

    = :87(

  2. 100fps at 1280 x 720 is pretty good.
    PQ looks excellent.
    Good for GoPro to have more competition 🙂

  3. Not being used at a BC event near you !!

  4. Good for commuting. If I had to cycle in town to get to work, I would consider one of these.

    As for loading mediocre footage to youtube…. I ain’t steve peat, or spilberge and youtube is flooded with amateur riding, edited badly. I don’t feel the need to contribute.

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