Monday Morning Debrief 57

March 24, 2014

We’re in the lucky position that we get invited to ride in some amazing places, and over the years I’m happy to admit I’ve had some pretty special adventures both in he UK and ¬†abroad. But, nothing really prepared me for just how special Moab is. Not just the riding, but the community here and the motivated trail builders to be found within it.

Tiny riders
Tiny riders Р can you spot them?

With such a massive amount of backcountry and space out here in the Western desert you wouldn’t immediately think that built trips would be high on the agenda. But someone out there has vision, and the ready ear of the county and town council who value mountain bikes and bikers enough to invest in providing a wide array of trails that cater to pretty much anyone, from the novice XC rider to the lover of technical trails. And they’re all built with such a sympathy for the environment around them that many sections feel completely natural.

Breakfast planning
Breakfast planning

The town cries out adventure, it’s got a healthy feel no doubt complemented by the wall to wall sun. There’s bike paths everywhere to get you back into town safely or out to the trailhead. Bike racks are everywhere in town. The only place in the UK that comes close to this is the Tweed Valley I reckon. The rest of us could probably learn something here…

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