Moab Diary Part One

March 20, 2014

Moab has been on my radar ever since I found an Ed Abbey book in an independent hostel somewhere on the west coast of Ireland. If you’re not familiar with him let me fill you in; Abbey, an American author, wrote several books about the wilderness that is the desert of the American west. Based in Arches National Park, pre tarmaced road access, in the late 50’s/early  60’s he wrote what I guess is a classic piece of  writing; Desert Solitaire, book that captures both the wildness and beauty of the landscape he immersed himself in. It’s great book and I recommend it.

Fast forward a few years and I find myself out here ‘for work’ having jumped on an invitation to attend SRAM’s latest Trailhouse; an opportunity to test ride shiny new product that I can’t tell you about just yet. Moab hadn’t really featured on my ‘must ride list’ for some reason but the Ed Abbey link was enough to get me out here. After the initial three days riding I’m a convert having been blown away by the quality and quantity of riding that’s to be found here. If riding in Moab isn’t on your MTB bucket list it really should be.

The view from Porcupine Rim is definitely not shabby
The view from Porcupine Rim is definitely not shabby

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If it's good enough for John Wayne
If it’s good enough for John Wayne

Big thanks to SRAM and Western Spirit for hosting us and helping make this happen.

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