Editors’ Choice 2013: Mark

by singletrackjenn 4

meThis year started well but tailed off towards the end in terms of my personal riding. I always try and enter at least one ‘race’ a year and in 2013 that was the Enduro 6. Race is the wrong word – a more appropriate choice would be ‘participate’, but I have fun and do try and push myself. Training for that turned into good but not good enough training for riding in Sedona in 30+ heat. As is usual for me, I blew up not long after this photo was taken. I function much better in the cold. The year ended like it did for many I guess, with seemingly permanent torrential rain and a sudden pressing need to do other jobs around the house instead of riding bikes. Despite the heat, riding in Sedona was my highlight of the year but for 2014 I really need to learn to stop letting the weather get in the way of good riding.

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Favourite Singletrack photo:

This is a shot with me in it, which sounds very egotistical but let me explain. Travelling is one of the biggest perks of this job and this year I was flown to the US by Trek to ride the new Remedy and Fuel in Sedona. Since then I’ve not ridden anywhere near as much as I should but this shot, taken by one of the finest bike photographers in the world, Sterling Lorence, is a constant reminder of how I really need to make time in 2014 to ride bikes at every opportunity, otherwise moments like this one will become rarer and rarer.

2013 Trek Launch in Sedona, Arizona, USA

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  1. Have you seen the Lifedge case Mark, looks v similar to Lifeproof- wondering how the two compare? I’m after one of these.

  2. you liked Sedona then Mark? ::)

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