Throwback Thursday – Comedy Dave and Friends.

by Dave Anderson 0

What a weird bunch we are. Meerkat attempts to classify the genus that is Allterrainabikus Britannicus…


Words by Meerkat.

As a veteran of many overseas bike trips, I’ve met some wonderful and weird folk who vacation on two wheels. Some have become firm friends, but mostly we’ve just come together by happenstance for a few days of shared pleasure and pain. Here are some characters for your amusement. Recognise anyone?

The Eccentric.

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Writing this column makes me wonder whether the mountain biking subcultures we’ve been using for years need to be revisited. Perhaps there’s a Linnaean classification for every species of rider that transcends our cross-country, downhill or freeride epithets, for example: constantly scrounging for spares – Vultur bastardus. Dead keen but useless – Dodo enthusiastica. Absolutely no idea of trail etiquette – Taurus chinashopiae. I’m off out for a ride to develop this idea and see if I can spot any of my own kind on the trails. Antiqua tortoisii, anyone?

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent – and not-so-innocent.)