Riding the Peak this week? Keep it weatherproof…

January 21, 2014

…thanks to some smart thinking by the chaps at Vertebrate Graphics.

And that was before the clouds fell out of the sky…

As you may have noticed, the weather has been a tad damp of late (ugh). With no real frosts to speak of and a lot of rain, we’ve noticed our local trails are starting to suffer more than in recent years – and you probably have too.

We reported last year on the excellent Keeper of the Peak Twitter feed; now the guide book gurus and Peak District locals at Vertebrate Graphics have joined in and published their recommendation for a weatherproof route in the Dark Peak. The loop – Chapel Gate, Roych Clough and Jacobs Ladder, a great ride in its own right – sticks to the rocky, hardpack trails which are best suited to resist the damage done by heavy traffic in wet conditions. It’s available to download as a PDF – complete with the relevant OS map extract – for free, from the Vertebrate Graphics website here.

If you’re not a Peak local, then have a think about weatherproof rides in your area and share them in the comments below – this is what local knowledge was made for after all…


Vertebrate Graphics
Keeper of the Peak