Midweek Mini Movies 181

January 8, 2014

Three days in and work is just starting to drag right?

Turn off, tune in and slack off with a bit of bike flavoured distraction, it’ll soon be the weekend …

Trinacria – official trailer

Trinacria is the first full length mtb video entirely shooted in Sicily, the southernmost region in Italy. This teaser comes out with the launch of Sicily MTB Holiday, the new mtb tour operator based in Sicily sicilymtbholiday.com/.

Shooted and edited by Vittorio Platania and Gianluca Ricceri.
Photography: Andrea Paternò and Fabio Tuttolomondo

Riders: Walter Belli, Claudio Cozzi, Edo Franco, Tiziano Mammana, Davide Camedda, Paolo Viola

Trinacria is supported by:

 Jerome Clementz – “26inch, my choice for 2013 season”

Jerome Clementz, first mtb enduro world champion ever, talk about his bike choice (26″) for 2013 season. From our friends at TriRide.


Looks okay s’pose.

A ride with Collie

Aaron Tolley taking his dog Collie for a quick spin across the Chase. Filmed this mid summer but it never got finished so I have thrown it together for them, hope you enjoy it!

Theo Ngubane

Theophillus Ngubane or “Theo” grew up and lives in the Township of Kayamandi in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Theo first fell in love with bicycles and dirt at the Songo.info BMX track that was built in the Township. Last year was his first time racing downhill and having a Downhill bike. In that short time Theo became the first ever black South African to race downhill at a World Championship.

But for Theo riding has nothing to do with the colour of your skin or where you are from, it’s about that pure joy, that amazing feeling only a bicycle can bring and experiences, and bonds you have with others who feel the same way.

Lahnvalley Crew 2013 Demo Reel

2013 is over and it was a great and productive year. We got the chance to shoot with great riders at great locations. We are proud and happy to present our 2013 demo reel! A lot of exciting thing are coming up in 2014, we will keep you posted. Until then, Happy New Year from the Lahnvalley Crew, enjoy!

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Transition Rapture CX Bike

Transition introduces the Rapture, a chromoly cyclocross bike designed to rip. Check out the video to see all the awesome details packed into this bike and see what it takes to train to become a singlespeed cross racer.

The 2014 Nutcracker Altura XC Series hits a snag…

It happens every year; The British MTB calendar is so full of great series and venues it’s inevitable that some of them clash. We just have to make sure the 2014 Nutcracker Altura Series is the best!

Head to our Facebook page if you’d like to find out more about our race dates and venues… www.facebook.com/NutcrackerRacing

All the best,
The Nutcracker Altura Team



London to Istanbul within two weeks, overcoming more than 3100km,
30.000m of altitude gain and crossing 14 european borders.
Unsupported, following a route of their choice, day and night, rain or shine,
crossing the whole european continent: We went AWOL with Recep Yeşil and Erik Nohlin on the mighty Transcontinental Race.

 Everything Is Better On A Bicycle – A Trip To IKEA

Ottawa Bicycle Lanes Project | bikelanes.ca

Well maybe everything, let’s not get carried away hey?

And finally…

Thom and Chrisbee – Absurdist Liaisons

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