Hannah Barnes introduces MET Parabellum

January 8, 2014

British phenom and sci-fi enduro helmet from Italy

Looks less peak-y in single colour
Looks less peak-y in single colour

Even though it was introduced waaay back at Eurobike and we’ve been riding under one since October, MET have just released a nicely-produced video promoting their now-available Parabellum enduro helmet.  With a very MET future-organic aesthetic, the Parabellum sets itself apart from Bell’s retro-inspired Super and Smith’s slick Forefront.

The Parabellum weighs in at 270g (Medium) – impressive for the coverage – and is claimed to be the coolest enduro helmet on the market.  We’ll have to wait for the Singletrack review to see if those claims ring true.  In the meantime, here’s Ms. Hannah Barnes, a helmet, a bike, and a friendly horse:

The Parabellum is shipping now in five colours at a UK RRP of £130.  Look for an updated Parachute full-face this spring.


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