At Hope, purple is the new pink

January 14, 2014

’90s mountain bikers everywhere thrilled.

Ooh, that's nice
Ooh, that’s nice

While pics and rumours have been floating around for some time – and forum response overwhelmingly positive – Hope France and Germany have officially announced the replacement of pink in their line with this lovely shade of anodised violet.  Those of us who remember the mid-90s are already salivating at the opportunity to purchase purple hubs with disc mounts, external bottom brackets, and stems shorter than 120mm.  No word on availability yet.

New for 2014 – Purple is Back!!!

An obvious choice to replace the Pink for the coming year due to the number of requests from our customers.

The Purple range will consist of Pro 2 Evo Hubs, Stems, F20 pedals, Wheels, Bottom Brackets and all Tech 3 Brakes.