UK’s first beach race to be held in Pembrey

December 23, 2013

Beaches: not just for fatbikes any more

Just begging for an inspirational quote
Just begging for an inspirational quote

Coming to a former MOD playground (who knew?) on 16 March, the Howies Battle on the Beach is staking claim to the “UK’s first ever beach bicycle race” title.  Also the first major cycling event to be held at Pembrey Country Park, riders will have the opportunity to ride “over ex military tracks, through old tunnels, round pillboxes and negotiate minefields.”  OK- so the minefields bit may be a joke, but it still sounds like fun.  The race will be held at low tide, with the beach a mile wide and “rock hard and as fast as the fantastic singletrack hidden behind the dunes.”  So it sounds like maybe a (non-fat) mountain bike would work alright.

MOD play structure
MOD play structure

Sponsors Howies, Lezyne, and Schwalbe have all stepped forward with bundles of schwag and winners will benefit from the generous cash purse.  In order to make a weekend of it, camping will be available with full facilities and – even if the kids don’t think it’s cool – it would be a shame not to take advantage of the Park’s “longest toboggan run in Wales,” dry ski slope, and pony trekking.

Entries will open on 1st January and full details should be available shortly at

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