TranzX dropper: wireless, buttock-free operation

December 10, 2013

No wires, no weighting.  Welcome to the future.

Look- no cables!
Look- no cables!

We all knew it was coming.  With wireless technology becoming ever cheaper and more reliable, we have already seen wireless remotes for our cameras, lights, and forks.  Today, the technology is applied to the bike industry’s most pressing cable problem:  dropper posts.  Details are sparse, but what we do know is that the TranzX JD-YSP06’s uses a 2.4GHz wireless signal to communicate between the remote and post.  While that bit was inevitable at some point, what is surprising: the post “retracts by wireless command,” with an electric motor (as opposed to the rider’s buttocks) compressing the internal air spring and reducing length.  Speed and battery capacity will be critical if this is to be effective, but it’s an interesting development for those caught out by the time and coordination required to compress a standard dropper in the rough.

TranzX’s wireless, arse-less dropper technology is being presented to the OEM market, which means that one might expect to see cable-free posts popping up in any number of brands’ catalogues in coming years.  Both 80/350mm and 100/400mm lengths (travel/overall) are being offered, with models rated for (racer-only) 70kg/154lb/11st or 90kg/198lb/14st rider weight limits.

Old-school dropper
Old-school dropper

Of course, anyone who hates technology will be better served by one the traditional JD-YSP02 or internally-routed JD-YSP03.  The latter (above) looks to have found inspiration in Syntace’s excellent P6 seatpost head and Specialized’s Command dropper post remote.  Or it could just be a coincidence.  In both cases, models will again be available for both lightweight and mid-weight riders in 80/350mm and 100/400mm lengths, while the internal model adds a 120/420mm option.

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