Italian Magazine visits Alchemist factory

by Marc Basiliere 0

Remember those crazy carbon rims?  Here’s the tour

Wonderfully complex Stealth rim mould
Wonderfully complex Wave rim mould

This fall we shared images and details about Alchemist’s line of carbon fibre wheels, CNC-machined hubs, parts, and accessories.  Made in Italy, the brand’s offerings are impressively light and expressively shaped: XC hubs with straight-pull flanges that twist from one side to the other, faceted gem-like Enduro hubs, and carbon fibre rims with visible strengthening ribs.

Handmade in Italy
Handmade in Italy

The folks over at MTB-Mag have visited the clean and spacious Alchemist workshop and written up their trip here (article in Italian- Google Translate can help).  While we won’t steal MTB-Mag’s thunder, there are a few interesting bits in the text and images.  Among them, the fact that the complex rims are formed from carbon sheet rather than injection moulded and the spoke holes are hand drilled, avoiding the pockets of resin that can result from moulded holes.  Of course, anyone interested in how stuff is made will enjoy a look at where these lustworthy bits come from.

Head on over to MTB-Mag’s story for more images, details, and to see a guy whacking rims with a hammer.  Because that’s always fun.