Top 10 Read Stories of 2013

by Tom Alker 0

New Years Eve is the traditional time for reflection yeah? We’ve gone back through the archives and compiled our list of the top ten news stories we published in 2013.

What grabbed your interest and got you reading? Read on for the countdown…

No. 10

13,533 reads –  Giant 2014 – It’s gone more medium.

Trance Advanced 275 0 rocker

Like so many bike manufacturers in 2013, the usually conservative Giant began distancing themselves quite dramatically from the classic 26″ wheel size in 2013. For some reason this story grabbed a lot of your attention. Was it due to surprise that even Giant had succumbed to the wheel size zeitgeist?

No. 9

14,790 reads –  Santa Cruz Heckler 2014: 27.5in, single pivot and proud of it.


Santa Cruz also announced their switch to the new wheel size of 2013  back in June, and judging by the number of comments on this one, the fact such a mainstay of MTB history was ‘moving up’ troubled some of you.

No. 8

14,849 reads –  How far along the mountain biker spectrum are you?

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 09.42.04

Everyone’s on the spectrum somewhere. How well do you score? A video with all too many common truths.

No. 7

16,478 reads –  The Orange Five is dead. Long live the Orange Five!


The evolution of the Orange Five carries on with subtle tweaks rather than ground up redesign. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it… But lets make the wheels that smidgeon bigger eh? Like what everyone else is doing?

No. 6

16,742 reads –  Martyn Ashton Injured. Official News.

Martyn Ashton_2_copyright Robin Kitchin_lo_res

Shock news for a lot of us was news that Martyn Ashton, international mountain bike trials legend, ex-World Champion and star of the Road Bike Party YouTube sensation, was injured during a trials demo, sustaining life changing injuries. Martyn has just left hospital and is now at home.

No. 5

16,828 reads –  Martyn Ashton returns with Road Bike Party 2

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 12.48.32

Before his injury Martyn was in the middle of filming his second installment of his  Road Bike Party. Unable to complete it soem of his fellow riding friends volunteered their time and skills to help get it finished. Prepare to feel inadequate.

No. 4

16,840  reads – Specialized – The statement

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 14.06.13

A story of a Canadian bike shop with a name apparently in breach of a Specialized trademark.. Only it wasn’t that simple and once the internet got involved Specialized had a rethink – here’s the result.

No. 3

19,321 reads –  Thinking of posting a shock via Royal Mail? Read this first

Lost in the post?

A bit of a shocker (we had to do it) as Royal Mail dispose of shock sent into Mojo for servicing. Dangerous goods to be disposed of via eBay. Really?

No. 2

Almost there at number 2, with 19,816 reads was our story about turning night into day with an Absolutely mental 6,000 lumen Trail LED Halo

Count 'em!  Ten CREE LEDs
Count ’em! Ten CREE LEDs to bring the day to night. Can you have too much light? Have a read and decide.

 No. 1

And our most read news story of 2013, with 25,043 total reads was…
Lauf Trail Racer Fork. The lightest 29er suspension fork ever?


It’s a fork Jim, but not as we know it. Chipps got hold of one of these after being spotted by our US Secret Agent Marc Basiliere. It’s an infeasibly lightweight, XC trail fork that uses bendy bits of flat carbon instead of a proper, non-scary shock system.

And there you have it – our topical top ten of stories that grabbed your attention more than any other during 2013. We’ll leave it to the psychologists among you to work out the deeper meaning and lessons we should  learn from that. Here’s to a great 2014 for all of us.