On the fence? RSP releases sub-£100 dropper post

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27.2mm dose of excuse-be-gone

Dropper for the people
Dropper for the people

Like suspension and disc brakes before them, many riders initially viewed uppy-downy posts’ weight, cost, and complexity with skepticism.  But now that the kinks are being worked out, we’re finding that – like suspension and discs – once the switch has been made it can be hard to go back.  Still, most dropper posts carry with them fitment issues on some frames and a staggering price tag.

Mechanical actuation, fixed cable
Mechanical actuation, fixed cable

According to our 7 November Singletrackworld.com poll, a full 20% of readers are dropper-curious, would like to try one if the price was right, or couldn’t find one sized to fit their frame.  For them, we present RSP’s new Plummet post.  A simple 2-position post (50mm and 100mm drop), the 27.2 x 360mm post has just hit the market at £99.99.  The 600g weight (including cable and remote- many are weighed without) isn’t going to set any weight weenies’ loins on fire- but is more than respectable at the price.

Three position posts don’t have the same ring as infinitely adjustable models- but Specialized’s recent fixed-position posts work just fine and have been among the more reliable on the market.  For anyone looking to give droppers a try (or would like one in the shed for the odd ‘big terrain’ holiday), the Plummet may well be worth a try.  Available now from Raleigh.

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    Another gravity dropper clone is hardly a new thing…

    £80 cheaper than a GD makes it “a new thing”.

    Forca, Traildrop, TMARS are all remarkably similar for less than £100. As I said, its not new…

    how longs that going to last ?

    In fact, how long do any of them last ? High maintenance item.

    “In fact, how long do any of them last ? High maintenance item.”

    Yes and no. A GD is higher maintenance, but can be trailside stripped and cleaned in minutes.

    At least the cable is coming out at a decent angle. That was a definite issue with the Traildrop (and other clones).

    Dropper Post, at less than a ton, and crucially available in a bikeshop is a very good thing.

    And 27.2 too…

    I would rather spend £160 and get a Reverb

    >I would rather spend £160 and get a Reverb

    Which you can’t get in 27.2

    If it’s anything like the Forca Vario type posts, it may need cleaned and relubed frequently, but it’s straightforward.

    Very little that can go wrong with it that can’t be easily stripped down, cleaned and fixed.

    Unlike When Reverbs Go Bad…

    GD is the best thing I’ve bought for ages, I was v skeptical but 18 months on with only one strip & service that took 25mins I’m sold. If this is as good I’d have one for my HT in a shot

    Two reverb’s owned for over two years and only one issue and that was due to me.

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