Remember that KS LEV Carbon Dropper?

November 22, 2013

Back in September we reported from Interbike with a sneak preview of the new KS Carbon Dropper post.

Light and low
Light and low

With just 65mm of travel and weighing in considerably lighter than other dropper posts out there it’s clear that the LEV carbon is primarily aimed at the CX and XC market, although there’s evidently a lot of interest from enduro racers too.

Carbo head
Carbo head

The dropper is external cable operated only, you’re going to have to wait and see if a stealth version appears in the future.  Also new is the replacement of the inner cable for Kevlar, something that’s being introduced to standard LEVs too. Kevlar is expected to run smoother, for longer, reducing the need for cable maintenance.

Distributers Jungle Products are expecting product to drop (oof) sometime in January with a retail price of circa £480.

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