Throwback Thursday – Right Here, Right Now

October 31, 2013

Right Here Right Now

It's all about perspective
It’s all about perspective

Words and pics by Benji Haworth

Benji has something to get off his chest, and it’s not a hair shirt. Pull up a pew and enjoy the sermon.

Be warned. This article is a bit preachy. Well, it’s a lot preachy really. But it’s about fighting the good fight. It’s about reminding you why mountain biking is a reason for living in itself. It’s about how now is mountain biking’s Golden Era. It’s about being wary of false prophets. It’s about reclaiming lost souls. It’s about kicking you up the arse and on to your bike and on to a mountain.

Prepare the soap box.

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Mugs game

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Technology comes and goes but the reasons why we ride mountain bikes haven’t changed. Mountain biking is about adventuring. Adventuring in your local woods. Adventuring in a foreign country. Adventuring in your mind. Wherever you choose to adventure, mountain biking is about experiencing the now. Right here, right now.

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