The Dudeumentary Part 3, Roadtrip in the Landship

October 8, 2013

Like a moving postcard, we’ve just received this message from the Landship of Dudes…

The Dudeumentary Part 3, Roadtrip in the Landship

Part 3 of the Dudeumentary Series follows the boys on a summer road trip around Europe. Joe rounds up Ferg and Liam and they hit the road to explore what mainland Europe has to offer. Unfortunately Ferg and Liam have to leave Joe to solo truck buy himself for a bit and he finds himself in Italy all lonesome. The problem is soon resolved and after being reunited the trip ends on a high riding the turns high up in Verbier. The life on the road, racing and having fun between them has to be one of the best things going and at least one of these trips is essential each year.
All aboard the landship
All aboard the landship

The “Landship” is Joe’s van and has served the boys well on many a mission around Europe. Kitted out to sleep three, take a load of bikes and live in relative luxury it has proved to be a great base over the years. The current van “Mark II” has done two seasons and served as a great home from home.


Its a long truck down from Fort William to the ferry in Dover and then onwards to the Alps but all made worth it to discover some sweet new places to ride. This year we reached the coast in Italy, middle Germany and sectioned the Alps to bits.

Thanks for watching The Dudeumentary series this year. We have had a brilliant summer of fun and are really pleased to have filmed some of it for the videos and to look back at the good times had. Ferg did hurt himself mid way through the summer but has taken his time out well and is keener than ever for smashing it now he is fixed.

We hope you have enjoyed the films.

If you find yourself keen to race some enduro this winter get along to our own race this November 16/17 in Kinlochleven “The Spirit of Enduro World Champs”. Its going to be a blast and a great season send off.


All the best

The Dudes of Hazzard

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