Interbike 2013: Timbuk2’s flyweight commuter pack

October 7, 2013

Timbuk2 hits 25, shows impressive line

Hangin' like a Dopp kit
Hangin’ like a Dopp kit

With 25 years under its wheels, San Francisco bag maker Timbuk2 is now older than many of the couriers who have long been the company’s focus.  But with that age comes experience- about what works, what doesn’t, and what various cycling subgroups need.

Up with the sun
Up with the sun

One of the neater products at this year’s Interbike booth was the Raider Backpack.  Part of the company’s more technical Especial series, the $79 Raider is the result of a collaboration with the Mission Cycling Club, whose members are known for heading out for some pretty serious pre-work road rides.  With those rides in mind, the Raider is a superlight but well-organised commuter pack that includes compartments for shoes, bottles, and a folding board to keep shirts wrinkle-free.  When open, the pack opens and hangs like a Dopp kit, making locker room (or utility closet) changes quick and easy.  Branding is minimal and despite being black,  the pack’s bottom is reflective when lit by headlights.

Wheels and straps
Wheels and straps

Recognizing that one can’t ride everywhere, Timbuk2 have also pulled together an impressive line of travel packs.  The most versatile-looking of the bunch was the Aviator Wheeled Pack.  Sporting both wheels and shoulder straps, the Wheeled Aviator looks to be one of the few packs that makes sense both in the airport and at the race venue.  Grab handles on all size should make wrestling the bags out of overhead bins or off turnstiles easier and the skateboard wheels are just plain cool.  22in (roughly carry-on size) and 25in (checked for sure) sizes will be offered for $240 and $260, respectively.


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