Eleven vélo lets riders design their own kit

October 29, 2013

best run colour choices by the spouse, OK?

Boxers, Jersey,  Shorts, Stuff
Boxers, Jersey,
Shorts, Stuff

Suggested by a reader, Australian company Eleven vélo manufactures high-end cycling kit to order- and to their customers’ designs.  The idea is an interesting one: rather than making what they think riders want, Eleven will build whatever your imagination and pocketbook allow.  Guided by firm environmental and labour principles, Eleven’s gear is sewn in Sydney using Merino wool from Victoria (Southern Australia), Lycra from Italy, thread from Germany, and zippers from Switzerland or the USA.

Individual results may vary.
Individual results may vary.

By far the coolest bit is the online kit designer.  Going beyond simple colour choices, the Eleven vélo website allows visitors to choose things like jersey zipper length or to add features like reflective stripes and U-lock holsters.  Even knee warmers and cycling caps can reflect your unique aesthetic.  If that’s not enough customisation, a Eleven’s bespoke programme will build their pieces to fit the rider.  A self-measurement guide and a number of personalisation levels are available.

Because racecar.
Because racecar.

Given the company’s commitment to first-world labour standards and environmental practices, pricing looks surprisingly reasonable.  Merino Trail Jerseys start at AU$120/€76/£65/US$105 (today) and the more complex Premium Trail Shorts at AU$226.60/€143/£122/US$197.  More at eleven.cc.

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