Up The Buttress 2013: The Results

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Steeper than it looks

“How are the cobbles running today?” “What tyres?” “What tyre pressure?” “What time does the bar open?” All very valid questions at the third running of the Up The Buttress event in Hebden Bridge. What is the Buttress? It’s a cobbled hill so steep that it takes its name from stone structures that prop up walls.

The Buttress used to be a way up the steep Calderdale hills from Hebden to the village of Heptonstall, high on the hilltop, but now this cobbled lane is only used occasionally by people wanting to take the short and painful way up the hill. Which was the case on Saturday.




Women’s winners


Men’s winners


The lucky winner of an Orange Clockwork 29er and, erm, Orange Bikes Sim.


Post race celebrations flowed


Everyone’s a winner baby….

Men’s results

PositionRider NameCategoryRider NumberStart TimeFinish TimeResult
1Andy GeallMale15215:16:0015:17:4600:01:46
3Saul MuldoonMale12614:22:0014:23:5500:01:55
4Steve BoneMale11313:54:0013:56:0300:02:03
5Justin TaylorMale14314:56:0014:58:0500:02:05
6Graeme BrownMale13014:30:0014:32:0600:02:06
7Craig Patrick MardenMale10213:32:0013:34:1000:02:10
8robin holtMale14414:58:0015:00:1100:02:11
9Alistair MorrisMale14815:06:0015:08:1400:02:14
10Richard GateMale10413:36:0013:38:1500:02:15
11Seb RamsayMale13514:40:0014:42:1500:02:15
12vaughan evansMale13814:46:0014:48:1500:02:15
13Matt WilsonMale14014:50:0014:52:1600:02:16
14Mark WhartonMale11714:04:0014:06:1800:02:18
15james kershawMale13914:48:0014:50:2000:02:20
16james adeyMale10013:30:0013:32:2300:02:23
17kieran curranMale13614:42:0014:44:2800:02:28
18ellis wardMale15115:12:0015:14:3000:02:30
19chris halliwellMale16715:14:0015:16:3300:02:33
20Marcus EDWARDSMale10713:42:0013:44:3600:02:36
21adam jonesMale14214:54:0014:56:3600:02:36
22Phil WellsMale11614:02:0014:04:4000:02:40
23Joshua HartlandMale12514:20:0014:22:4100:02:41
24Robert TysonMale11113:50:0013:52:4300:02:43
25Chris lockettMale14715:04:0015:06:4400:02:44
26Adam PridmoreMale14515:00:0015:02:5000:02:50
27benjamin edwardsMale14615:02:0015:04:5200:02:52
28Daniel BladonMale15315:20:0015:22:5400:02:54
29Jason BuddMale10313:34:0013:36:5800:02:58
30craig norrisMale11914:08:0014:10:5800:02:58
31Thomas BrabbinMale13414:38:0014:40:5800:02:58
32Neil EarnshawMale15015:10:0015:13:0700:03:07
33Colin BradshawMale10913:46:0013:49:1200:03:12
34David LindleyMale12214:14:0014:17:1700:03:17
35Colin DuffieldMale10114:00:0014:03:2400:03:24
36adam bridgeMale13114:32:0014:35:2800:03:28
37peter strangeMale12014:10:0014:13:3300:03:33
38Carl GreenwoodMale13314:36:0014:39:4100:03:41
39karl murgatroydMale11513:58:0014:01:4600:03:46
40Steve WadeMale12114:12:0014:15:4700:03:47
41Benjamin Posthuma de BoerMale11013:48:0013:52:0000:04:00
42reid andersonMale13714:44:0014:48:0300:04:03
43Ed OxleyMale14915:08:0015:12:2900:04:29
44Richard WoodhouseMale10513:38:0013:42:3300:04:33
45Christoph KratzMale15415:18:0015:22:3300:04:33
46Duncan HurtleyMale11814:06:0014:10:4400:04:44
47Dave LongMale12814:26:0014:30:4800:04:48
48Tim RobinsonMale10613:40:0013:45:0300:05:03
49Daniel MarsdenMale11213:52:0013:58:1100:06:11

Women’s results

PositionRider NameCategoryRider NumberStart TimeFinish TimeResult
1Anna LeatherbarrowFemale12714:24:0014:27:1800:03:18
2Kate MansellFemale12914:28:0014:31:3700:03:37
3Hannah DobsonFemale12314:16:0014:20:1400:04:14
4Kate EDWARDSFemale10813:44:0013:48:1500:04:15
5Victoria PittsFemale11413:56:0014:00:2500:04:25
6Charlotte WettonFemale12414:18:0014:22:3200:04:32

Under 14s results

PositionRider NameCategoryRider NumberStart TimeFinish TimeResult
1Thomas NelsonUnder 14s413:00:0013:01:2000:01:20
2Oliver BridgeUnder 14s613:12:0013:13:3700:01:37
3William GittnerUnder 14s113:06:0013:07:5500:01:55
4Sam RobinsonUnder 14s313:04:0013:05:5700:01:57
5Dominic BridgeUnder 14s513:10:0013:11:5900:01:59
6Sydney Minsky SargeantUnder 14s713:14:0013:16:3800:02:38
7Alex DuffieldUnder 14s213:08:0013:11:5300:03:53


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