Monday Morning Debrief 40

September 23, 2013

 “Urtication, or flogging with nettles, is the process of deliberately applying stinging nettles to the skin in order to provoke inflammation.”

It's like a jungle out there...
It’s like a jungle out there…

As we’re heading down Ben’s Zig Zags, through the metre high nettlebed that stands as evidence of the lack of traffic that the trail has seen this summer, the only positive to running the gauntlet of stinging is the thought that I’m unlikely to suffer from rheumatism anytime soon.

It’s been a great  summer for riding and the plants seem to have benefited from the weather too judging by the jungle like conditions out there. After a few days riding in the open moorland desolation of the Dales it’s a real contrast to drop in to some of the Calderdale trails and be forced to ride blind by the amount of vegetation covering the trail. A real skills tester when you’re forced to react to unseen green rocks and drops.

Making rides memorable since way back when....
Making rides memorable since way back when….

A weekend of riding, getting stung and trying to sleep through the consequences. The endless itch and sensitivity, it’s time to embrace the nettle afterglow.

How did you get on this weekend? Where did you ride?

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