Interbike 2013: Scurra’s Hard Enduro 7in travel 79er

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To be honest, we'd fancy a go.
To be honest, we’d fancy a go.

Whilst looking for the toilets at the newly relocated Interbike trade show, we came across Scurra’s unique take on the Enduro bike.  Unmissable in teal-and-peak, this Austrian Enduro bike starts with a fairly standard 7in four-bar linkage and 27.5in wheel at the rear.  At the front end, however, things get a bit more interesting.

So many things
So many things

The frame-mounted DT Swiss front shock is driven via linkage by Scurra’s 7in travel Trelever parallelogram fork.  The design is said to provide improved tracking over telescoping forks, excellent small-bump action, and increasing trail for improved in-travel stability. There’s a certain reminder of the Whyte Preston in there somewhere…

Three 'headset' bearings
Three ‘headset’ bearings

The design is patented in the US, Japan, China and Europe and the frame itself is made in Austria.  The Hard Enduro’s complete 33lb/14Kg bike weight (with XX1/Syntace build) is impressive given the bike’s travel.  Scurra is currently seeking North American distribution.

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    That bottom front suspension ball joint doesn’t look up to the job. It was always the weak point on the Whytes.

    They even bothered to waste their time patenting that hideous thing?
    I’m sure they won’t have any problems with people copying the design.

    i can see why it’s next to the toilets

    Just off for a quick puke!

    ‘How wrong is that bike? Let me count the ways!’

    (Apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

    If that goes into production, I’m leaving the bike industry.

    give it a chance. it might ride like a dream 😉

    @Cylenaut – Those without sin throw the first stone.

    ;] It might ride amazingly as well…….


    Am I really the only one who is just a little intrigued? Would certainly have a go if I got the chance. Can’t help but think it will be phenomenally expensive though…

    I have, I been asleep ALL winter?!!! There is a ad on tv for a sofa at a Boxing Day price and it looks like the bike industry is playing an April fool on us! You guys!! ;0D (man that shit I smoked in my youth was strong! Heard of flashbacks but this?!). Gotta stay off the coffee, man, oh god purple makes me puke!

    Dont BMW run a similar system on some of their motorbikes?Think they call it Paralever

    79er eh?
    That makes it a bit different then.

    I’d give it a try.

    A shock’s suspension action is usualy way better than a fork’s.

    Urrgh, a little bit of sick just came up..

    “Unmissable in teal-and-peak”

    Teal? Doesn’t look very teal to me.

    Why is it a 79er?
    Are we now adding both wheels and all the travel together?

    Its witchcraft I tell thee!

    It’s fugly, but I’d still have a go.

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