Interbike 2013: Roundup 2

September 20, 2013

Let’s give it another go, we had a few technical issues with this story yesterday, and it ate all the captions. Here’s another run at it.

Someone asked about how you run a light or camera on the new Smith helmet – there’s a threaded port under a hidden cap which will have suitable mounts for GoPro, lights etc.

Now you see it…


WTB’s Mark Weir poses for his fans
We love Giant’s Norah Batty ‘Anyroad’ gravel road racer


Camelbak hydrated people and also provided Vegas-style karaoke


If you’ve got it, flaunt it…


Chris King has a limited edition turquoise colour coming out.


Lots of Julianas on show, including the new Juno 27in model.


Powder blue? Sonic blue?


Luckily the Lone Ranger was on hand to serve justice.


That’ll be a new Ellsworth then…


The paintjob isn’t doing it any favours


The new Speedplay Knuckleduster pedals. No news on the Syzr MTB pedal yet.


Speedplay’s road pedal for gritty road rides/spring classics. Road shoes only.
29er? Nah, this is a 36er with a home made Lefty. And what’s on with that seatpost.


Yes? No? No? Oh, OK then…


Paul Components’ first product was a quick release. Now, 25 years on, it’s doing them again.


Teva has a new downhill shoe; the Virgin, coming out soon.


Chrome had an innovative way of showing its waterproofness off.
Dry stuff, and room on the outside for more gear.


Smart, waterproof city jacket from Chrome.


Chrome’s shoe soles – seven days from rubber tree to shoe sole.


Chrome also makes a motorbike line. Burly and tough, but just look at that bike!


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