Big price cut for Soleus’ Draft GPS computer

September 16, 2013

£80 GPS computer?  Now we’re talking…

Both magenta and yellow are available.
Both magenta and yellow are available.

When we reviewed Soleus’ GPS Draft cycling computer a few days back, we noted that it was a capable ride recording and sharing tool, but:

Ultimately, [at £100] the Draft’s biggest issue is the competition:  with the Garmin Edge 200 (reviewed in Issue 72) now selling for £109/$129 Soleus will have to polish their interface and possibly add real-time mapping to remain competitive.

Out in front
…or they could reduce the price.  We’ve just heard from Fit Brands, Soleus’ UK distributors, that Draft pricing has dropped by a quarter fifth to £80.  At that price, the somewhat clunky interface (which, to be fair, is carried over from their watch line) and high-mount bracket can be forgiven.  While the lack of a live-mapping function will mean that anyone looking to follow downloaded tracks or to leave a digital breadcrumb path will still need to look upmarket, the Draft is a solid little GPS computer:

Once the mount has been accepted and the unit’s functions sussed, the Soleus Draft is a perfectly capable and reliable ride recording and sharing tool…  The software’s output is Strava-compatible, meaning that those curious about world of virtual competition won’t be left out.

If the bracket isn’t to your liking, Fit Brands is also distributing BarFly’s out-front Draft mount (right)  for £15.  The Draft is available in the UK from Fit Brands, in the US from Soleus.  Premier members can read the full review here.

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