Eurobike2013: Giro Terraduro shoes

by Chipps 3

Seeing as ‘just riding your bike around’ AKA ‘enduro’ is now a genuine product category according to the bike industry, we trail riders should soon be benefitting from quality gear made for the kind of riding we like to do, rather than having to use either racing-derived apparel, or watered down motocross or BMX gear.

Black or a fire red. The black, women’s version is on the right.

Giro’s Terraduro (and women’s version, the Terradura) is one such example. It’s a trail riding shoe with a medium-sticky Vibram sole and a dual injected shank that allows a good amount of flex to it. There are no flashy race-inspired panels, but instead there’s a lot of reinforcing around scuff areas. The shoe stays on with a pair of Velcro straps and a micro adjust buckle (that will do 2mm adjustment both loosening and tightening). It’ll come in half sizes too and, for a pleasant change, there’s a identically specced women’s version coming out at the same time. We like! No UK price yet, but it’s $180 in the USA.

Perforated on top, but well sealed from below.
The kind of soles we probably all should be riding. Works well off the bike too.

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  1. I reckon when the Dominators go West these could be in the bag.

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