Throw-back Thursday – Should I stay or should I grow?

July 4, 2013

You will recall that Mike has just completed the Tour Divide race in a record time (although due to re-routes to avoid forest fires his time isn’t eligible for the course record under the event’s current rules). If you don’t recall this then check our news story here. Well, Mike hasn’t always been a global endurance racing android of course – there was a time when he wrote pearls of wisdom in the column inches of Singletrack. Since today is the launch of our new Throw-back Thursday series, we thought you’d like to read what was going through Mike’s head over a decade ago in issue 4 of Singletrack.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go was first published in 2001 in Singletrack Issue 4

There was a Howies advert once with a tag-line that read: “There are more people alive today than have ever died, being alone is going to get harder.”

We’d all like to see our sport get more recognition wouldn’t we? We think it’s great seeing mountain bikes on the telly, the sport needs more recognition to grow, we say, get more people interested and we can all have fun together, we say. But is that right? Do we all want to grow as a sport, is this the best thing for us?

Picture thanks to Kathy Schoenderfer, Ovando MT.
Picture thanks to Kathy Schoenderfer, Ovando MT.

More people in the sport would mean more bikes sold which in turn would lead to more manufacturers putting more money into even better bikes and components as well as bigger race teams and more races. Great, but what does this mean at the weekend when you want to get away from it all to ride. It will be just you, your bike, the elements and – oops – loads more riders all over your favourite trail.

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By Mike Hall

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