Tuesday Treats 46: Ubyk

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This week, we introduce Ubyk


Director, James Heath picks up the story; ‘the concept for Ubyk started out as a simple idea and following my 15 years experience designing print and websites for demanding Blue chip clients. Enough was enough! I decided to create a ecommerce bike website with a USP; I wanted a destination for like minded riders who wanted to create their custom bike dream builds, from the convenience of their laptops and desktops. For me, the luxury of being able to tap into a one-stop-shop of custom build options, component part weights and configurations, gave me and thankfully now our customers the confidence to begin to realise what their dream build will look and feel like in the flesh.

Think of it as a CAD Technician drafting up their architectural masterpiece and then having it realised in wood, stone and glass. The way we have designed Ubyk enables customers to take complete control, using our bespoke Pro Build section of the site, from their desktop. Our expert workshop team then not only build the bike piece by piece but involve you in the experience by cataloguing each stage, enabling fine tuning and revisions along the way.

Our customers are spending very hard earned cash, so for us if we were going to have a shop to represent Ubyk it needed to offer a hi-end car showroom style service. So, our products and services are available to see both on-line and through our rather lovely, boutique style shop and workshop in Oxford.’

What brands do you stock and what’s your range of services?

We stock the very best in high end MTB brands, including Yeti, Santa Cruz, Ibis, Singular, Lapierre, Ghost and Cube with components to match. For the dark-siders we cater for roadies and for those riders that like to test themselves in a range of disciplines.

Our team has been hand picked from people who are established in the grass routes of the sport we all love. They know their way around our fully equipped workshop, staffed by the likes of Richard Moir, who like me has been riding MTB since the late 80’s. The rest of our team are also bike geeks, they probably will not like the term geek, but it’s what we are, we read, ride and would even eat bikes if we could.

Our services range from a simple build service to the inclusion of professional bike fit sessions. You name it, we can do it all in the name of getting you out on your dream bike and in the right kit for you. We are set up to deliver to you direct, throughout the UK, within Europe and worldwide.

What’s your current best-selling/hottest product?

Technology – it has to be the Rock Shox EI Shock technology that you get on the Lapierre and Ghost’s. Bike-wise, the Santa Cruz Tallboy is king, although the Bronson has certainly started to pickup the pace. In terms of accessories, DMR Vaults remain a huge seller.

Which product/brand does every staff member have on their bike?

A Thomson stem and/or seatpost. They are just so well made. For those who have changed from theirs, it hasn’t been long before they go back!

Tell us something about your shop/staff that no one knows…

We’re constantly busy developing our website and will have ProBuild Santa Cruz Bronson’s up very soon and a better custom menu system for the Yeti and Santa Cruz bikes in the main part of our site.

We also ride regularly when time allows so check out and join us on ubyk Strava and check out our iPhone/iPad App ubyk UKBikeTrails. Despite being tech heads we’re very social types in person too, so check us over on Facebook and Twitter for up to date info.

What do Singletrack Subscribers get from you guys?

Ubyk offer Premier Subscribers 5% off all sales services for members. Discount offer does not apply to bikes, clothing and accessories that are already discounted, or are taken out on Finance or the Cyclescheme.

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