Scoop. Charge Scoop.

June 13, 2013

TheThe Charge bikes Spoon saddle has been a favourite among riders, racers and bike journos for years. It’s light, relatively cheap and very comfortable. Part of that comfort came from the clever way in which Charge worked with its saddle factory to produce a perch that flexed well, while still keeping its shape.

However, Nick at Charge hasn’t been resting on his laurels and has been pushing an even more innovative saddle. The new Charge Scoop is due out in a couple of weeks and has a few clever things about it to shout about.

The Charge Scoop saddle. Neat, slim profile, with a subtle wedge out of the back.
That top is the top. It’s not a covering…

The basic shape is still recognisable as a Charge saddle, with a sleek shape that calls to mind the classic Flite. There’s a little more drop to the front of the nose, but that’s about it. The real innovation is evident when you turn it upside down. Whereas you’d normally see a stretched and glued or stapled cover, there is just a clean, smooth plastic base. In fact, the Scoop is only made of three parts. There’s the padded top – which has a tough and waterproof skin to it. There’s the plastic base and there is the pair of rails. That’s it. This should keep the Scoop flexible, while having fewer parts to wear – and nothing to come unstitched. As you’ll see from Fresh Goods tomorrow, we’ve got a couple of these to try out, so we’ll let you know how we get on.

Shiny, clean bike fetishists can rejoice! (We’re looking at you, Nick Craig…)


And that’s it. Simple.

The Charge Scoop will be out in a couple of weeks or so and will cost £40 for the cro-mo rail version and £60 for the titanium version. Ours weighs in at 255g.


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