PressCamp 2013: Turner’s New Flux

June 19, 2013

The Turner Flux has been in the range for a long time. First as a 100mm, 26in wheeled XC bike with a four bar Horst link suspension, then an ICT ‘faux bar’ linkage and then as a 100mm XC bike with a DW Link. It’s now evolved again to fit 27.5in wheels and along the way has gained a few other touches. Oh, and 20mm…

The new Turner Flux

The 27.5in wheels aren’t immediately obvious, but what is striking is the (cold worked, not hydroformed) butted and curved top tube. A first for Turner. There’s an untapered head tube, routing for a (non-Stealth) dropper and a few other tweaks. The travel has increased to 120mm.

Schwalbe tyres. Didn’t they used to say 650? Now say 27.5

This adds to the existing 27.5in Burner with its 140mm travel. The idea of the Flux is as a more XC and marathon use, rather than the more burly Burner or the racier, 100mm new carbon Czar. The tubes are all worked and welded in the USA and are ‘being welded at the moment’ so Turner expects them to start arriving in July. When we get a price and ETA from UK importers, Silverfish, we’ll let you know.

We’ll be off testing this bike for a few hours tomorrow, so we’ll let you know how it rides.

Mr Turner himself (David, never Dave) seems quite happy with things.

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