Monday Morning Debrief 26

June 10, 2013

Sometimes a change is a good thing yeah? A wedding in Cheshire and bikes packed in the van gave the option to ride somewhere different to the usual valley moorland winch and plummet.

Trees are good, trees are good

Despite the threat of a change in the weather coming we opted for a bit of woodland goodness and headed of to Delamere Forest for a bit of in the trees tight and twisty singletrack.

I hate having to ‘have a plan’ and woodland is probably the best opportunity to just ride and take any bit of singletrack that grabs your fancy as you ride along the fire road. A completely random ride of picking what looks promising at each intersection and seeing where it goes. A few dead ends but few duff choices, with each section of singletrack offering something before it dumps you back on the main track looking for the next diversion.

It's like a jungle out there

A good opportunity to play as you spin along or try to pump a full section without putting in a pedal stroke, cuckoos, woodpeckers, buzzards and a whole chorus of birds providing a different soundtrack to the usual lapwing and curlew.

Main tracks heaving with the maddening crowd of a British summer day; families out riding, walking and go ape’ing. But it’s easy to escape it all as you ride the pine needle cushioned trails within the trees. Sun dappled and green and dry as a bone. Good riding with no pressure, a chance to clear the head and get ready for the week ahead.

Fern herme (ET Hull style)

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