The Hannah Barnes Interview

May 16, 2013

We caught up with Hannah Barnes after the Specialized SRAM Enduro Series round in Riva del Garda. Here’s her thoughts on enduro, training and life on the road…

One girl and her van

Singletrack: So Hannah is enduro your focus for this year?

Hannah Barnes: At the start of the year I wanted to do good variety, I know enduro is getting massive but I don’t want to jump too heavily on the enduro bandwagon just yet. I think it’s awesome but its a big fashion at the moment, I’ve always loved just doing everything. It’s tempting to do the whole world series ’cause all your friends are doing it, it’s really fun and cool racing, but for me to kind of keep doing all the other types of racing I’ve done, like 10-hour races, triathlon, just biking in general is good. I’m doing Trans-Savoie which is seven days long. That suits me, I can go for days and days and days and I don’t really slow down massively, on day one and day six I’m still the same speed. I think I can pace myself, start off well. The 10-hour races I’ve done, the first lap and tenth lap times are always within a minute of one another. One of the keys for me is to keep doing that longer stuff because I think it suits me.

ST: It’s good to have that stamina.

HB: Stamina, yeah it’s good, but I need to work on the speed, short intense stuff. In July/Aug there’s the MET 930km sportive, Toulouse to Barcelona. Seven days through all these little random villages. It’s just after the Mega, two weeks before Trans Savoie, road riding’s fun as well, whizzing along through the mountains, villages, yeah?

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