Seen at Garda Bike Festival – Part One

In between riding, eating gelato and schmoozing, Dave and Sim wandered around the Bike Show at Riva del Garda to see what was hot in Euroland. Here’s part one of their report.

Endura do helmets

Big vented Snype helmet

Rear view

and from the front

We think it was some sort of group hypnosis

20th anniversary Scott

Stars and stripes

Celebrating 20 years of Garda Bike Festival

Evidently it weighs just over 7.5 kilos

slammed stem

if you're fast you get your name on the top tube

Gambler: the green braaap machine

Rocky Mountain Element

Vertex 999

loving the finish


and Slayer

you can't beat an encouraging sticker

the Continental free tyre swap was popular

wanna buy a part worn?

If you're German you must have an Evoc

Stereo 29

X Fusion rasta tartan?

and for the less extrovert

and more...

Rotwild R2 FS 29 looks nice and fast

Canyon Strive

we're not sure either...

nope still not getting it...

Deuter get colourful

we like a lot

and for the lady...


Green eyed monster bike

basically invincible

Subliminal messaging by Selle SMP

hmm, eyewatering?

Pyga in production colour, nice green...

That's it for part one...