Genesis Day One Disc – Bike Review

May 10, 2013

The Day One Disc is as simple as a ‘cross bike gets. Two wheels, a gear that works for forward motion, brakes that work for diminishing that forward motion, comfortable contact points and all the eyelets and braze-ons you could ask for. In fact, it’s a really hard bike to review, which is something of a back-handed compliment.

There’s a smattering of the original, orange Day Ones floating around at Singletrack Towers, as they were too good (and too pretty) for us to pass up. The Day One Disc is the natural progression of the same frame, with the increased performance and clean lines of disc braking. It’s worth noting that the driveside chainstay features the drilling you need to fit stops for an Alfine hub gear, should you decide you’re not actually that fond of singlespeeding after all.

There’s a smattering of parts that come from the ‘nothing special’ corner of the warehouse, but which are no less serviceable for it. Hubs, square taper cranks and finishing kit all bear the Genesis moniker, while the branded parts have been saved for where it matters. SRAM’s BB7 Road cable discs are the benchmark for this application and getting them at this price is a treat, while Tektro levers are effective enough, if a little skimpy in the hood, and Alex rims are always good budget kit. The one thing we’re not mad keen on is the Continental tyres. The tread is sparse, the grip sparser still and they clog like mad in the mud. Still, they’re very easily switched.

The 63in* gear is a little steep for mountain bike-style use, but it’s the closest thing to an ‘ideal’, do-all gear size that you’ll find if you live anywhere remotely hilly. Singlespeed ‘cross riding is, if anything, even more frustrating than singlespeed mountain biking – the temptation to take to the road is always there, but a gear that makes the off-road riding bearable will have you at the limit of your revs by the time you hit 14mph on the flat.

Overall: Still a bargain, still a lovely colour, now with added disc. The perfect mountain biker’s plaything. We’ll take one each, please.



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