Bike Rafting With the Pro’s – Part 1

March 8, 2013

Or how Sanny learned not to drown with a bike.

When it comes to sports involving water, I have something of a sceptical relationship. My swimming abilities can be kindly described as those of a brick with a bigger brick tied to its leg. Unfortunately, my Dad’s lifesaving Poseidon like genes appear to have skipped a generation. For those who recall the Public Information cartoons of the seventies, I’m definitely more Dave than Mike who swims like a fish. Despite this, I’ve always been strangely drawn to giving adventures on the water a go. Cue an excited e-mail from my good friend Gary extoling the virtues of a new sport being pioneered in Alaska by a growing group of Fat Bike riding mountain bike explorers, Bike Rafting. A search of t’interweb and a call to Dave at Bothy Bikes later and Gary and I were booked with the UK’s only professional guides specializing in pack rafting training, Rob and Andy at based out of Aviemore.

Bike rafting in Scotland

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