SRAM announces new fat bike cranks

February 21, 2013

Let’s be honest: Fat bikes do look a bit silly with their oversized (up to five inches) wide tyres, but they are gaining traction (boom-tish) and more and more manufacturers are now jumping on the fat-tyred bandwagon.

Cracking crank.. the SRAM X9

With that in mind SRAM has announced new X9 and X5 cranks, which have been re-engineered specifically for the fat bike.

The X9's sister: The X5

SRAM say, “With a 100mm wide spindle and having dedicated SRAM 2X10 chainrings, SRAM has eliminated most tire-to-chain rub often found on fat bikes,”

Both cranks have got 36\22 gearing and are, according to SRAM, faster, lighter and more efficient than other fat-friendly cranks.

With brands like SRAM getting behind the idea has large rubber moved from fat-fad to big-bigtime?

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